CSI - Deadly Intent

Ubisoft (Proprietary)

CSI - Deadly Intent by Ubisoft is a video game based on the world-famous syndicated TV series, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Set in Las Vegas, similar to the first of the CSI franchise, this computer game gives players the opportunity to join a new team of tireless forensic investigators. Voices of the actors from Season 9 of CSI are featured in the game. The player joins a team of forensic experts led by Ray Langston, played by Laurence Fishburne and Riley Adams, played by Lauren Lee Smith.

The cases that are featured in CSI - Deadly Intent are all written by the writers from the TV series. There are five new cases that need to be solved. In this game players are given the chance to let the evidence guide them to the truth. The primary objective is to determine the guilty party and bring them to justice.

The game, “CSI - Deadly Intent” has numerous features designed to excite fans of the TV series who want to experience the thrill of investigating crime scenes using modern forensic techniques, including dusting for fingerprints, DNA tests, and blood splatter analysis. This immersive game involves crime scene exploration, body dissection, and the familiar twists and turns that characterize the television shows. The game also features realistic lighting effects and graphics.