Crystal Dew World (Freeware)

CrystalDiskMark is a disk-benchmarking program developed by Crystal Dew World. Two editions are available for this program – Standard Edition and Shizuku Edition. The program is used for analyzing the computer’s HDD. It can be used to calculate random 4KB/512KB read and write speeds. It can also be used for measuring sequential read and write speeds. Details regarding the calculated read and write speeds are also displayed. Aside from these, the program features Theme and Multilanguage support.

At the program’s main window, users can choose the number of test runs, test drive and test size. Users can then choose what type of test to perform. Available types of tests include All, 512 KB, Sequential, 4K and 4Kb QD32. There is also a comment box where disk name, OS name, and other information can be written. The number of test runs can be from 1 to 9, but the default value for this is 5. The test size can be from 50MB up to 4000MB but the default value for this is 1000MB.

Configuration options are also available. It offers three different test data including Random, All 0xFF (1 Fill) and All 0x00 (0 Fill). Result from the analysis can also be copied to a clipboard using the Copy button found at the main menu. Different themes are also available including default, blue, flower, wine, and Shizuku. Zoom ratio can also be selected at the Zoom main window.