Crystal Dew World (Freeware)

CrystalCPUID is a program which provides important information regarding the user’s computer hardware.  Each application which is run on a computer makes use of its resources. The more complicated the processes that an application performs, the more resources it utilizes. For instance, a game developer will make use of more computer resources compared to a user who is just writing documents. Some key information which can be viewed using this software  are CPU name, name and vendor string, code name, CPU type, platform, physical core, system and internal clock, family model, system bus, cache, multiplier, and over clock.

The information which CrystalCPUIDapplication provides is too technical for novice users. The level of detail is geared towards users with an advanced knowledge of computer hardware and runs complex applications.  The default settings made on the factory settings of the hardware are optimal settings as assessed by the manufacturer. This application is capable of making modifications on these settings for optimization purposes.  The settings can be used to optimize computer performance but it can cause the computer to crash if it is not managed correctly.  The application does not require installation and can be accessed via a ReadMe file from a USB disk. It also consumes a minimal amount of system resources.