Crystal Path

Puzzle Lab (Shareware)

Crystal Path is a puzzle game program developed by Puzzle Lab. It was initially released on October 20, 2005. This puzzle game is set in a country where different creatures live to offer different puzzles. The player will travel through the paths in the country, which are all covered with crystals. The goal is to remove all of the crystals from each of the path in order to get through the next level. This can be done by putting three or more crystals of the same color together. At the start of the game, some crystals are already placed on the path. The player will have to add more crystals in order to create three or more matches and remove them.

The paths are constantly moving forward. The player must ensure that the crystals are removed before they reach the bottom of the screen or else the game is over. The player also has two set of magic skills. The first one allows the paler to shift the screen back and prevent ending the game. The second one is the ability to shuffle the set of incoming crystals. The paths are becoming more difficult at the end of each path and the removal of crystals may require more skills and strategy. Aside from the normal crystals, there are also two types of crystals present in the game – Bonus Crystal and Transparent Crystal. Bonus Crystals provides different bonuses (e.g. color bomb, tricolor, smashing bomb, etc…) in the game while the Transparent Crystal doesn’t show its color until it is placed on the path.