Crytek GmbH (Shareware)

Crysis is a first-person shooter game that was initially released in 2007. In the game, players control Nomad, a US Army Delta Force Operator. The US and North Korea battle in the South China Sea to gain access to an artifact uncovered by archaeologists. The artifact triggers an alien invasion and players must defeat the army using weapons, Nanosuits, and other weapons. With the Nanosuit, players can control their attributes even during battle. Some of the attributes that they can control are strength, speed, armour, and cloak.

The enemies in the game work in squads. Players can engage in battle using stealth, aggression, and a range of items, such as bullets, tranquilizers, rifles, and other types of weaponry. Apart from weapons, players can also use vehicles to move. These include boats, trucks, tanks, and a military hovercraft.

Crysis can be played in multiplayer mode. Up to 32 players can engage in multiplayer mode through the GameSpy network. There are two types of modes in multiplayer mode: Instant Action and Power Struggle. Instant Action is deathmatch battle, while Power Struggle is a match wherein players must destroy the enemy’s headquarters.

Crysis has a built-in Sandbox, a level editor that enables users to create and edit new levels. User-created levels can also be played in multiplayer mode.