Rex Baldazo (Shareware)

Cryptophane is a Windows application specifically intended for the GnuPG encryption program which is in turn PGP-compatible.  This program is equipped with shell integration and management of keys and it also has high speed decryption and encryption capabilities. This program has many functions, including decryption, signing, encryption, as well as key maintenance. All these tasks are performed without dealing with the command-line interface. Cryptophane is written exclusively in Delphi.

Cryptophane is a front-end utility that presents the user with a straightforward interface. For key generation, users have to create one public and one private key. This pair can be generated directly from the Cryptophane menu. This is how the pair of keys works for encryption. The public key is utilized to encrypt data. The data encrypted by the public key is decrypted only by private key. A public key is set up as such because this allows outsiders to encrypt data that can be sent to the user. Meanwhile the private key has security features so that only the owner of the key can view the data. The matching keys are both needed in order to recover the encrypted data. It is important for first time users of Cryptophane to learn about the generation and use of these keys.