CrypKey Software Licensing System

CrypKey (Shareware)

CrypKey Software Licensing System is an easy-to-use utility that provides users with copy protection and software licensing functions. There are a number of options available, including different licensing options, such as for instance use limited, day limited, perpetual, and floating network, among others. This program can be used to protect unauthorized use and copying of utilities quickly and efficiently.

This application can be used to encrypt dynamic link library (DLL) and executable or EXE files. The licensing solutions offered by this program are updated and state-of-the-art. With CrypKey Software Licensing System, there is no need to change the source code and it becomes functional in just half a minute after being configured.

This application provides users with a powerful encryption tool that is simplified so that even those who do not have advanced programming background can easily implement it. This is s streamlined solution that is a representation of the high performance level of licensing and software protection technology.

The developers of this program also offer the users with full and ample technical support. This program is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows XP. Users who want to make the most of the functionalities offered by this program can choose from Platinum, Gold, and Silver subscription options.