Cry Of Fear

Team Psykskallar (Freeware)

Cry Of Fear is a psychological, first-person shooter game. In this game, players control the character named Simon Henriksson who wakes up in an alley after being struck by a car. Simon does not seem to be familiar with his surroundings, and so he sets out to explore the city. Along the way he would need to fight off deformed creatures that eerily resemble humans.

Simon also gets flashbacks of events after his accident from when the police arrived at the scene to his stay in the hospital. In these flashbacks, Simon meets a cryptic doctor and a childhood friend, Sophie. She kills herself at the will of a character named Carcass, and players are given the choice to either fight Carcass or help the doctor by giving the doctor a gun. The choices the player makes throughout the game would dictate the ending of the story. There are four probable endings in Cry Of Fear.

One direction that can be taken will show the doctor talking to Simon, who has been confined to a wheelchair after his accident. The doctor suggests undergoing cognitive therapy for Simon and writing about his feelings. It becomes clear that the events in the game are a metaphor off the book therapy Simon is undergoing, and are not real. The real, wheelchair-bound Simon soon follows an evil counterpart into another world and eventually defeats him.