Crush the Ships 1 (Freeware)

Crush the Ships is a game in which players must protect their kingdom from enemies. The enemy kingdoms who want to take over the player’s land have sent ships and flying machines to attack the player’s kingdom and claim the land as their own. Players must protect their realm from their stone fort using a variety of weapons. The faster the enemy forces are defeated, the more gold the player can earn, and the more gold the player has, the more weapons he or she will be able to buy for the next level.

The number of attackers increase in every level, so players must be able to accumulate as much gold as possible to buy weapons with. The available weapons are attack bird, which costs 12 gold coins each, flamethrower that costs nine coins, stone pellets that cost 16 coins, angry cow that costs 20 coins, and a rocket that costs 50 coins. Players buy the weapons before the start of every round. Players then choose the level they want. When they have accomplished a level successfully, they unlock the next one.

The default weapon is a sling that throws one stone. To attack the enemy ships, players must click their desired weapon and, holding the mouse’s left button, pull the sling or the cannon trigger while aiming it towards the attackers. The player then releases their hold on the mouse button to release the weapon onto the attackers.