Crossword Compiler 9

Antony Lewis (Shareware)

Crossword Compiler is an application that is used to create crossword and other puzzles for both online and offline use. In addition to making crossword puzzles, users can also create other vocabulary puzzles, word search lists, clues-in-squares games, and Sudoku puzzles, among others. The application comes with a New Puzzle wizard that guides users in puzzle creation. Users will choose the puzzle type, the grid dimensions and pattern, and which words to use. The application will do the rest and automatically generate the puzzle. The finished puzzle can be saved and exported in standard formats, such as PNG, JPG, and PDF. The puzzle file can then be printed and/or sent through email or published online.

Users can create word puzzles using the program’s built-in word lists that are arranged in themes, or by using a custom or personal set of words. The utility has an autofill feature that can be used to populate the puzzle grids automatically; the user can stop the fill anytime. The user can review the word and clue list and edit the puzzle before saving. This program also lets users create interactive Web puzzles that come with a solving applet. The created brainteasers can be exported to the hosting site or to the user’s own page. These puzzles can run in the browser on the desktop computer and on tablets and other mobile devices.