CrossLoop (Freeware)

CrossLoop is a program that enables users to access computers from a remote location. This program provides a secure platform where users can access each other’s computers remotely. CrossLoop uses a technology called UltraVNC that can establish a connection between computers as well as a separate application that handles the billing of services between those two endpoints. This program is designed to be used by technical support professionals in configuring and troubleshooting computers from a remote location. After the program’s installation, it will assign a 12-digit access code that will serve as the computer’s ID. Users who will attempt to access the computer will be prompted to input the 12-digit access code before they can proceed. Once connected, those users will be granted full access to the computer where they can run programs, make system changes, and even transfer, and copy files. Control of the mouse and keyboard shall be transferred to the remote user upon gaining access.

CrossLoop’s interface appears as a small icon that can be accessed from the desktop system tray. Clicking on the icon will pop up a small two-tabbed window where users can view the administrator’s name, the access code bar where they can input the 12-digit pass code, and the connect button which initiates the remote access. The “Share Tab” allows users to view the connection status of the remote user as well as the session time. This tab also contains a Disconnect button, which terminates the remote connection to the user’s computer.