CrossFont 6.4

Acute Systems (Shareware)

CrossFont is an application used to convert Postscript and TrueType Type 1 fonts between Windows and Macintosh workstations. The application automatically locates Stuffit and ZIP fonts by subfolders, folders, and archives. Character hinting, metrics, and outlines are preserved between different platforms.

The program interface is intuitive and easy to use for all user types. A Help section is provided for users to understand the program. It is imperative for users to specify source and output formats to use the application. Source formats include TrueType/OpenType fonts, TrueType fonts from Mac, PS Type 1 fonts from Windows, and PS Type 1 Font and Font Metric from ASCII. Data fork fronts from OS X data can also be used with the program. Output formats can be INF, OTF, TTF, AFM, and PFA. Font conversion is easily done by a drag and drop facility. One has to drag items for conversion into the application’s main window. The batch conversion function may also be accessed through the program main window and allows users to select an unlimited number of files. Font conversion normally takes about a minute or less. Kerning is also automatically assigned when it exists. Lastly, preview and editing functions allow texts to previewed and edited at any time.