Critical Damage


Critical Damage is a PC game in the space action shooter genre. The objective of this game is to resist alien invasion and prevent the world from catastrophe. In this game, a player takes on the role of an astronaut in a research space station orbiting the planet Jupiter. The International Space Station has sounded off an alarm that a returning probe with air samples from another planet unknowingly brought aliens onboard as well. The aliens are bent on destroying everything that gets in their way by swallowing and digesting all that’s in their path. Players must save the lives of the crew members by using the ship’s weapons to hold off the enemy attack until the rescue team from Earth comes along.  

Critical Damage provides players with access to more than 12 types of weapons in the onboard armory, including machine guns, missiles, mines, and cannons. Players can also control a robot that can explore the rooms in the ship, among other tasks. There are more than 90 kinds of alien enemies spread across the ship to defeat. This game has three difficulty levels and features 3D graphics. It also has power-ups to help players in defeating alien enemies. Players can save and load saved games, and view game statistics as well.