Crimson Editor 3.72

Crimson System (Freeware)

Crimson Editor is an application developed by Ingyu Kang which is used for editing Windows source codes. It is also utilized as a HTML editor. It can be used with programming languages whose basis is standard syntax files. Its features include programming languages for Java, Perl, HTML, and C/C++. Program macros and tools enable users to compile, test, and execute codes.

The program’s size is small and may be written in a single floppy disk.  Program loading time is quick. Syntax highlighting is provided for LaTex, Java, Perl, HTML, Matlab, and C/C++. Other program features include user tools, spell checker, macros, and undo and redo functions, shell integration for Windows, modifications for column mode, compiler integration, auto-indentation, bracket matching, and direct FTP text files editing. Various newlines as well as Unicode are supported. For Unicode, the program is specifically limited to characters contained in the default Windows character set.  An integrated calculator is able to evaluate basic expressions. The program provides simple date and mathematics functions. A built-in FTP is also included. The project workspace can be saved when changes are made in the program’s project tree. The program also features Unicode support, print preview, word wrapping, diminished memory footprint, and a drag and drop function. The program can be used to replace Notepad.