Crime Solitaire

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Crime Solitaire is a game in which players are tasked to solve crimes by playing solitaire. In the game, players assume the role of a rookie police investigator in the town of Topley whose job is to hunt down criminals so that the police department will gain the respect it deserves. Players go to different locations in Topley to solve crimes, and they must be able to solve 52 crimes to achieve victory.

Players can make use of an overhead map while searching different areas for clues to solve cases. Crimes typically involve two to six suspects. Players have to find clues that will rule out suspects until they are left with one clear culprit who can be charged with the crime. Players can then move on to solve the next case. The clues are gathered by playing solitaire in the various locations.

In the solitaire games, the cards are laid out in various ways. Some cards are facing down while some are facing up. Depending on the level’s current mission, players have to pick up cards in either descending or ascending order until they are able to clear everything on the game board. Players can also earn bonuses that will be added to their score. There are also power-ups to help players in the game.