Crime Life

Hothouse Creations (Proprietary)

Crime Life: Gang Wars or Crime Life is an action video game that was initially released in 2005. The game focuses on street wars and players assume the role of Tre, a resident of the Grand Central City. The aim of the game is to become one of the members of the popular Hood gang called the Outlawz. In order to be part of the gang, the player must complete missions that are set by the boss’ gang, Big Dog. It is Tre’s mission to take back the gang’s glory, which was tarnished by their opponent, the Headhunterz. In the middle of the game, Tre learns that Big Dog is preparing to abandon the entire gang and join their rival. Tre takes this opportunity to eliminate him and be the new leader of the Outlawz.

Players must complete missions in the game in order to progress through the storyline. There are different missions that must be completed including getting rid of some people. There are 25 missions that must be finished to complete the story. Aside from these main game missions, players can also take on some side missions that are not mandatory. Users must also earn game money in order to purchase upgrades in the game. Money can be earned by stealing and mugging people.