Cricket Power CWC 2011

Cricket Power (Freeware)

Cricket Power CWC 2011 is an online cricket game developed by Cricket Power. The game was created to commemorate the Cricket World Cup happening that year. The player gets to play one of the 14 teams to compete in the real game. There are two groups of teams. Group A features Kenya, Pakistan, Canada, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand. Group B includes Netherlands, Ireland, Bangladesh, West Indies, England, South Africa, and India. The game has three game modes: Quick Game mode, World Cup mode, and Challenge mode.

Cricket Power CWC 2011 features a simple GUI with two options on the main window for New Game or Settings. Once the user clicks on New Game, the player is given the option to choose their team. Once the team is selected, the list of Group Matches involving the selected team is given. Each game match features the name of the contender, the date of the match, as well as the venue. The player will then be given the option to select the number of overs—whether 1 over, 5 overs,  10 overs, 20 overs, and 50 overs. 50 overs is the default choice. The player will be provided with a list of players to include in the team. To assist the player, each cricket player name is displayed with a symbol  showing whether the player is a batter or not.