Crestron Toolbox Application

Crestron Electronics Inc. (Proprietary)

Crestron Toolbox Application is a comprehensive suite of tools designed for regulating various system tasks among interconnected devices. It is efficient for logging system data as well as task-error messages. It can be used in setting up networks IDs and system communication parameters. Crestron Toolbox Application works as an updater by uploading program and application updates along with firmware upgrades. The software is capable of transmitting device queries and information online and offline. Moreover, it is built to detect network-connected devices, gadgets, and control cards while accessing them remotely. Thus, it serves as a replacement tool for Creston Viewport with the addition of its communications and diagnostic features.

Crestron Toolbox Application comes in an easy-to-navigate user interface using simple click-and-drag actions. It instantly recognizes gestures with its real-time feedback mechanism. Apart from this, the application also includes secondary features such as a video pattern testing tool, a network analyzer, and an array of connection diagnostic tools for various Windows-based programs. It has a live update feature that retrieves version updates automatically provided the device is connected to a network or a Wi-Fi connection. Finally, it has an SIMPL debugger that simulates a number of systems by picking up real-time signals, including system setup troubleshooting processes and keyboard-based operations from interconnected devices.