Crescendo Music Notation Editor

NCH Software (Proprietary)

Crescendo Music Notation Editor is an audio editing software developed by NCH Software. The program was released on January 2014. It is a music composition and notation program. It enables users to arrange their own musical composition and plot the notes and symbols on a music sheet. The program allows users to create their own musical compositions which can then be used as a musical score or it can also be played by a band. After creating the music sheets, users can then save it on the computer or print it.

Crescendo Music Notation Editor allows users to change the time signature or the key signature for the musical composition. Users may also add notes ranging from the sixteenth note, the eighth note, the quarter note, half note, and the whole note. Musical composers may also compose in Bass, Treble, or Alto clefs. The program also allows the user to assign natural, sharp, and flat accidentals to the notes. Users may insert texts to designate the dynamics, tempo, lyrics, or title of the piece. They may change the notes location by dragging and drop function. Users may also cut and paste, or copy measures to be able to insert musical themes. The program enables users to add slurs and ties across the notes, as well as create dotted notes, add repeats, chords, and other musical symbols.  The program also comes with an integrated MIDI playback tool that allows users to listen to their composition.