Creeper World 1

Knuckle Cracker (Shareware)

Creeper World is a tower defense and real-time strategy game developed and published by the company, Knuckle Cracker. In this game, the player is faced with a weird liquid alien whose mission it is to destroy the entire world and take over it.  The goal of the player is to keep the last human city called Odin from being swallowed by the Creeper by warping to different planets. The player can also buy time by using energy-fueled weapons that can fend off the Creeper while the warp gates are being opened. While the Creeper can never be destroyed, the player can employ various tower defense tactics to repel it.

There are units all over Odin City that are equipped with weapons, but they need energy to function. The player must strategically place towers around the field to shoot at the Creeper. The player also controls the Collectors, which gather energy for the units’ weapons. To prevent the Creeper from reaching elevated areas, the player must put up choke points to suppress it. There are currently three iterations of Creeper World, with the subsequent two named Redemption and Arc Eternal. In Redemption, the perspective is different from the previous version in that it shows a cross-section of the battlefield. Arc Eternal combines certain aspects of the first two games like the top-down perspective of the first version and the ability to blast Creeper emitters from the second.