SPL Sistemas de Información, SL - (Freeware)

CreaWriter is a minimalistic word processor that helps users focus on getting the work done without having distractions from other applications that are open on the computer. The program works in full screen mode so that users won’t have access to the other programs. It provides a calming interface that can help with the user’s productivity. The application’s interface is customizable and different settings can be changed according to the user’s preferences.

The program’s work area where the text appears is a semi-transparent window. Settings can be accessed from either side of the workspace. A background is added behind the work area. The settings of the application allow users to customize the following:

• Sound – This enables users to upload their own music to play in the background while working. Keyboard sounds can be enabled or disabled, too.
• Background – Users can add their own background image to use while working. The transparency level of the text area can also be changed.
• Break Timer – This feature allows users to set breaks in between work. The break duration, as well as the duration of work before break time can be set.
• Text Area – The text area window and text color can be changed.
• Save – The program automatically saves the user’s work every two minutes. Under this tab, users can set the save location for the file.