Creative WaveStudio

Creative Technology Ltd (Freeware)

Creative WaveStudio is an all-in-one audio program developed by Creative Technology Ltd. This program is used for playing, editing, and recording wave (8-bit, 16-bit and 24-bit) data. WaveStudio can be used for opening and editing multiple audio files simultaneously. It can open both WMA and RAW data file formats. WaveStudio features direct recording. Users can connect audio devices to the Creative sound card and record straight to WaveStudio. Importing existing sounds, WMA or any audio files made from Creative ZEN player as well as RAW format audio files is also possible with this program. WaveStudio has support to up to 24bit/96kHz hi-fidelity music recording as well as.

WaveStudio also features audio editing tools. It can be used for inverting waveforms as well as inserting fade in and out sound effects. Adjusting volume as well as trimming needless wave file portions is also possible with WaveStudio. DirectX audio plugins are also supported. WaveStudio also offers Audio Clean-up tool, which can be used for restoring the original version of an audio file This tool can remove clicks, hisses, pops and any other unnecessary sounds on your audio. This program is also used for converting audio file formats. It allows users to convert RAW/WAV files for compressing other audio formats like WMA. Converting WMAs to RAW/WAV formats is also possible.