Creative Smart Recorder

Creative Technology Ltd (N/A)

Creative Smart Recorder is a recording program that allows users to record, manage, and digitize analogue recordings. Users can record audio from vinyl records, and cassette tapes using the Record Now feature. This feature allows one-click recording for easy digitizing of analogue content. The program also comes with a Record Wizard. The Record Wizard can be used by novice computer users. This tool guides users through step-by-step instructions, such as choosing the audio source, setting the right recording levels, and saving the recording in an available audio format. With the Record Wizard, digitizing analogue recordings can be done in seven steps.

Creative Smart Recorder also comes with a Scheduler. The Scheduler can be used for recording radio shows. The recording can be set daily or weekly. Users can specify a certain time to stop and start the recording for an audio program. All the recorded files are placed inside the My Recordings folder. The files can be viewed by category so that specific tracks can easily be found.

The recording program comes with its own Audio Clean-up and Track Segmentation technology. These features can be used for removing cracks, pops, and other unwanted sounds that may be present when recording audio from old vinyl records and cassette tapes.