Creative PlayCenter

Creative Technology Ltd. (Freeware)

With Creative PlayCenter, the user can get the most out of their digital audio players. As a digital music center for PC, the application enables the user to listen to digital music, enhance its sound using EAX, as well as rip audio CDs. The program likewise permits the user to arrange and transfer his music library to the Creative Digital Audio Players (DAP). It has support for unlimited WMA and MP3 encoding for NOMAD Jukebox digital audio player. The user can access the NOMAD Jukebox tutorial from the dropdown menu of Creative PlayCenter.

The software is a managing tool for the contents of the digital player (NOMAD IIc), allowing the user to transfer MP3 and other files to the player. Conversely, the user can transfer files from NOMAD (except for protected MP3 and WMA files) to the PC. There are two simple ways to transfer voice files from the player to the computer. The first method requires the user to click on the My Computer icon to locate the album or folder containing the saved voice files. When this is done, he can click the player’s button in the Transfer window. The alternative for transferring involves pressing on the Media bar in the Transfer window to select the desired voice files. After the selection, the user can simply click on the Transfer button to complete the process.

To change the software’s settings, the user can simply click the Settings button of Creative PlayCenter to display the Settings dialog box. He can then choose the tab that will display the desired setting category.