Creative MP3 Recovery Tool

Creative Technology Ltd. (Shareware)

Creative MP3 Recovery Tool is a program that developers created in order to troubleshoot and solve player-related problems. This utility offers a comprehensive array of solutions, such that majority of common player problems are resolved. The program conducts a full scan and removes invalid links without affecting the files listed in the music library.

Creative MP3 Recovery Tool is developed by Creative Technology Ltd. for the users of a wide range of firmware that are supported by the application. This program can be launched with one click of the mouse so that a supported MP3 player is updated. This is how easy problem resolution is completed with the use of this light yet powerful utility. Clean up and recovery mode function options are available to users.

Creative MP3 Recovery Tool requires that the player to be cleaned has a charge of at least 50% power level. It is also best to make a backup of the files contained therein. The user must also check that any of the following operating systems are in place: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows Vista (64-bit or 32-bit), or Windows XP Service Pack 2 32-bit. Some of the supported players are MuVo T100, MuVo V200, ZEN Stone with Speaker, ZEN Micro Photo, ZEN Mozaic EZ300, ZEN X-Fi 8GB, and DMP FX100.