Creative MediaToolbox

Creative Technology Ltd (Proprietary)

Creative MediaToolbox is an application that allows users to perform a variety of audio-related activities, such as conversion, enhancement, and organization. It provides solutions from the start of recording the analog music, removing the noise background through its proprietary Soundblaster technology, slicing it to sections, and saving the music output to wav and mp3 formats. It allows for single as well as batch processing. It also helps users organize and rename their music files based on ID3 tags, as well as split up, and equalize and normalize when needed.

To improve audio quality using Creative MediaToolbox, the user will need to select Enhance on the user interface. The user interface will initially display four selections: Create,Enhance, Organize, and Convert. Once Enhance has been selected, the window will display 4 options: Clean up Music, Equalize Music, Normalize Music, and Split up Music. The Clean up music option will remove the unnecessary noise on the recording. The window for this will show two columns with the left side showing the folder list in tree-view, while the right  column will display the selected folders. There are Add and Remove buttons at the middle to move files. Once the files are selected, the user will need to click Next, which will give access to a new screen where the mouse can be dragged to reduce hisses and clicks. A status window will be displayed once conversion has started. Other options available are presented in an intuitive way, allowing non-technical users to follow simple commands.