Creative Media Toolbox

Creative Technology Ltd (Shareware)

Creative Media Toolbox is an application for converting and organizing music files. The program consists of conversion, enhancement, and editing tools. The Auto Tag Cleaner tool is capable of automatically organizing and fixing the tags of songs in the music library (song title, artist, album, year, and genre). It gathers information from Gracenote’s MusicID to provide correct tags for each song file. The application also features and Auto Organizer, which moves songs into their respective folders. The program also renames the files for a neater music library. Creative Media Toolbox also comes with a Tag Format Converter. The program converts song titles into Unicode so that song titles in other languages can be displayed correctly. In addition, Creative Media Toolbox also comes with an audio converter. This allows users to convert songs to other audio file formats for compatibility with different devices.

The program’s interface is straightforward. The main screen consists of the four tools included in the program – Auto Organizer, Auto Tag Cleaner, Audio Converter, and Tag Format Converter. Clicking on one of the tools will bring up the main window for the tool.

Creative Media Toolbox only works on computers that have Creative MediaSource installed in the system.