Creative Live! Central

Creative Technology Ltd. (Freeware)

Creative Live! Central is a video chat extension software optimized for Creative Live! cameras. This software adds visuals and graphics for a creative chat and video experience.

Creative Live! Central utility software adds Face Effects to any video chat. Users can choose from different wacky face effects. Users can create their personalized avatars and profiles when chatting with another person. The software also allows doodling while chatting to create an interactive and fun chat with another person.  Recording high-definition (HD) videos can also be done by selecting it on the options bar of the user interface.  Users can also grab pictures directly from the webcam or from the screen of a computer.  The software can also be linked to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites to easily share and upload photos and videos.

Other key features of Creatuve Live! Central include the following:

• GoToCamera option helps users monitor in real-time their homes, businesses, or families using a webcam.
• The software’s MobileCamStreamer can also be integrated with smartphones, tablets, and other devices which lets users view what the webcam sees.
• FastAccess option enables users to secure a computer by entering passwords using facial recognition via webcam.
• Tech support via the software’s homepage can be accessed for software troubleshooting.