Creative Karaoke Player

Creative Technology Ltd (Proprietary)

Creative Karaoke Player is an application that turns songs into karaoke music. The program can be installed on computers that have a Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card. No extra equipment is needed to use the application. The program’s interface is similar to karaoke machines. The control include the master volume, pitch, voice suppression, microphone volume, time scaling, and microphone effects. There are also buttons for the song list and lyrics on the main interface.

One of the main features of the Creative Karaoke Player is Voice Suppression. With this tool, users can remove the vocals in the song, leaving the instrumental parts for a true karaoke experience. This can be done by changing the phase relationship of the left and right channels for the vocals to be cancelled out. The phase relationship of each song varies. As a solution, the program offers three types of voice suppression modes to achieve the best results when eliminating vocals. These are

• Mono – This voice cancellation is used when the instruments are located at the farther ends of the audio image.
• Stereo – This method is used when the instruments are located at the middle of the audio image.
• Advanced – This method is used when the song has a strong bass. In Advanced Mode, the voices are cancelled out and most of the bass line is retained.