Creative ALchemy

Creative Technology Ltd (Freeware)

Creative ALchemy is a program used for enabling DirectSound3D games on Windows Vista. It processes Sound Blaster X-Fi or Audigy to enable sample rate conversion, EAX effects, hardware audio mixing, and 3D audio. The program works by searching your computer for any supported DirectSound3D-enabled games. All the supported games are listed and the user can choose which games are to be converted to use ALchemy. Multiple games can be enabled simultaneously.

Creative ALchemy offers options for adding and editing games. When adding supported games, users have the option to provide either the full directory path of the game’s installation folder or by editing the Windows Registry. Settings are available to effectively upgrade a DirecSound3D-supported game to use ALchemy. Setting the number of audio buffers is possible through the program’s “Buffers” settings. 4 is the default value for this. To manage the length of the audio buffers in milliseconds, the Duration settings are available and the default for this is 25ms. There’s also a Maximum Voice Count, which is used to manage the maximum hardware voices numbers utilized by ALchemy. The default for this setting is 128. Creative ALchemy can also be used for disabling the DirectMusic support. The default setting for this is false, which means it is enabled.