Creative 3D MIDI Player 1.11.01

Creative Technology Ltd. (Shareware)

Creative 3D MIDI Player is an audio application for MIDI files. With this program, musicians who make use of MIDI files can experiment with the positioning of the audio. The software allows users to manipulate each instrument on a MIDI track. Instruments can be moved to the left/right or front/back channels to slightly change the sound of the track. The instruments can be moved within the three-dimensional space.

Upon launching the application, the program opens a window that has a blue radar display. The circle contains icons of the instruments present on the MIDI file. Their positions represent how they are heard by a listener. To manipulate the instruments, users can simply drag and move the icons to different locations within the blue circle. The changes can be previewed with the built-in player. With this, 2-channel MIDI files can be transformed to multi-channel files.

Aside from moving tracks, Creative 3D MIDI player can also be used to set the path of the instrument as the MIDI track is played. This can be set for each instrument. Some of the options include left to right/right to left, front to back/back to front, zig zag, figure 8, 2D clockwise spiral, and many more.

This program can be used with any MIDI file.