Rinaldo Zocca (Freeware)

CreationMaster10, or CM10, is an editor for the football/soccer-themed video game FIFA 10. The game lets users play using the teams Chicago Fire, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Marseilles, and Barcelona football clubs. This application enables users to edit the features of the FIFA 10 game. To do this, it works the files listed below:

• The language database selected by the user – this depends on the language chosen by the user when first starting the game
• The archives saved under the GUI folder – these consist of the resources used by the game specifically for its GUI
• The main database – this is the fifa.db file
• The zdata_XX.big archives – these contain most of the resources used by the game during a game session

With this application, users can also import files to be used in the game. They will be able to modify the players in the game, the countries, and even the teams’ logos and kits or soccer uniforms. Users can also alter or customize tournaments, adboards, sponsors, leagues, ball colors, in-game TV indicators, newspapers, referees, supporter flags, managers, and even the goalkeepers’ gloves. This tool gives users full control over the appearance of their players, the stadium, the participating teams, and other aspects of the game.

CreationMaster10 has a friendly interface, making its use intuitive and easy, even for beginners.