CreateInstall 6.3

Novostrim (Shareware)

There are different types of programs that are downloadable from various sources. For users to have the ability to install these programs onto different computer systems, the developer must create an installation feature for the application. This is the purpose that the CreateInstall application aims to satisfy.

The CreateInstall program allows its users to gain access to a series of tools that will enable them to create the necessary installation features on their developed software. The easiest way to install a particular program onto the computer is by directing it towards a specified directory. Aside from the ease of installation, this will then trigger commands to generate the necessary shortcuts onto the desktop interface. Apart from an installation feature, an uninstall program is also needed by developers and this is another thing which can be done using the CreateInstall application.

Users can work on a per project basis. Once installed and launched, CreateInstall will start an interface where the user can define the necessary parameters for the program. It will ask for the application name and the source folder and will give the user the option to create an uninstall file or not. Other important details including any specified dialog details, output folders, and volume sizes can be entered into the primary interface before the process is started.