Create A New Serial Key!

CodePlex (Freeware)

Create A New Serial Key! by Codeplex is a Serial Key Generating Library (SKGL) that is designed to protect .NET Applications. This utility essentially functions as a library that users can employ to secure applications that implements .NET frameworks.

Create A New Serial Key! is a simple licensing system that does not require a programming background to operate. Its main function is to create serial keys. The program also has the capability to validate the human-readable keys it produces. This program is believed to be as secure as it can be, given the characteristics of human-readable serial keys.

The Serial Key Generating Library by Codeplex utilizes a format that involves 20 characters. Some of the features of Create A New Serial Key! by Codeplex are:
• Time limit of a maximum of 999 days
• Capable of creating, configuring, and validating keys
• Library content can be used as reference to personal projects
• The user can add eight features

The user only needs to decide on the length of the machine code and other parameters and the program will do the rest. Users who want to know in more detail how the program works can view the algorithms which serve as the backbone of the utility online.