CrazyTalk Animator

Reallusion Inc. (Shareware)

CrazyTalk Animator is a program for the Windows operating system developed by Reallusion. The program allows users to create animated videos with content that hinges on caricatures that can be controlled as virtual “puppets”. The tool is designed to help animators develop two-dimensional animations from scratch, although an option exists for users to import visual elements from any image, although many users utilize this feature to incorporate full-body pictures of people into the drawing board.

These cutouts from any imported image can then be manipulated and customized based on the animator’s preferences. After initial customization, the user may then opt to shorten the time it takes to extensively animate a character’s face by allowing the program to take over and automatically animate the face by using facial recognition technology. This makes it possible, as an example, to lip-synch a character’s mouth from text or audio that is incorporated into the project.

Aside from intuitive animation techniques applied on drawn people, CrazyTalk Animator also lets users design backgrounds and sets for their animated subjects. Using drag-and –drop technology, users can build detailed sets from scratch by choosing elements from external sources and further customizing them with built-in enhancement tools. Additionally, more fine-grained control of an animated clip is possible by using the camera and timeline controls that come with the program, which employ algorithms like Z-depth layering and advanced key frame animation.