CrazyTalk 6.0 1.2

Reallusion Inc. (Shareware)

CrazyTalk is a facial animation software that helps users create animated facial images. When an image of a person is uploaded to the software, it recognizes the important points in the person's mouth, eyes, and head. After that, the program's algorithm tweaks these important points and enables them to move. These important facial points can also be tranferred to another face or character. For example, it can be transferred to another object, such as a talking monkey or a talking plant.

CrazyTalk is packed with a big library of templates. With the program's advance tools for facial recognition, it can even recognize a face in older images. It can also recognize multiple faces in an image. After the recognition process, the program allows the user to select which face will be used. When a face is selected, the user can begin creating a scene that he wants to do.  

The program also allows uploading of a person's voice. This voice is used on the face that is previously uploaded in the software. With the program's "audio driven feature", the software is able to examine the tone of the voice. It then tweaks it to match the character that is made. The character can also do a variety of movements. These include raising the head, lowering down the voice, and other facial expressions.