Crazy Taxi 3

Sega (Shareware)

Crazy Taxi 3 – High Roller is a racing/action video game that was initially released in Windows on February 26, 2004. The game is the third installment in the series of Crazy Taxi games. In this game, the player takes the role of a taxi driver. His goal is to generate income by transporting passengers to their respective destinations within the fastest time. Players can also perform crazy stunts throughout the game. When this is done while transporting a passenger, the player can get an extra tip.

The game is set in three different locations – Small Apple, Glitter Oasis, and West Coast. This installment also carried over the Crazy Hop feature of Crazy Taxi 2. Aside from the characters available in earlier installments, Crazy Taxi 3 also introduces four more characters. Players can also utilize different modes of transport. However, most of these vehicles must first be unlocked before it can be used. Un-lockable modes of transport available in the game include a carriage, a pedal bike, and a stroller.

The game also features the Crazy X mini-games, which is also available in the other installments. In this installment, Crazy X mini-games is composed of three different levels. Each of these levels aims to test different driving skills such as Crazy Drift, Steering, and more.