Crazy Machines: Inventor Training Camp

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Crazy Machines: Inventor Training Camp is a physics building game wherein players are tasked to build gadgets and machinery that can complete specific tasks. At the start of each level, the player is given a task to complete. There are several items available in the inventory and it is up to the player to arrange them on the game screen and build a contraption that will allow them to complete the level’s task. The first few levels are easy to complete, but the game gets more difficult as the game progresses. Crazy Machines: Inventor Training Camp is a physics-based game and the movement and behavior of all the objects are realistic.

The game consists of a training camp that players can go through in order to learn about the basics of the game or sharpen their skills before they move on to tasks for the level. Some of the items that are available on the player’s inventory include robots, bombs, cannons, wooden planks, and bottle rockets. Once all the objects are in place on the game screen, the player can test the contraption to see if it will satisfy the goals for the level. The game features more than a hundred levels that provides hours of fun for the entire family.