Crazy Machines Elements

FAKT Software GmbH (Proprietary)

Crazy Machines Elements is a cross-platform puzzle strategy game developed by Fakt Software and published by Viva Media LLC. Players have to build machines that have rotating gears, they also turn cranks, pull levers, and more to come up with truly unique contraptions made up of objects that people see everyday. There are dozens of chain reactions using the power of the elements, seasons, and aritificially-created weather conditions to let players complete tasks for each mission.

The games’ key features are harnessing the five elements (fire, wind, earth, wood, and water) including the four seasons as well as appropriating the laws of physics to level up in the game. Players have the ability to manipulate weather by making it snow or rain, as well as lightening up the sky with bolts of lightning. It features 3D graphics with numerous game levels and machine parts to use. The program is an absorbing game that lets players keep experimenting with strategies by day and night. There are also puzzles that need to be solved, weird items to use like clone cannons, vehicles to drive like monster trucks, mythical creatures to deal with like fire-breathing dragons, and so on.

Crazy Machines Elements is primarily for the Windows PC gaming platform, but is also a title on both Xbox LIVE® Arcade and PlayStation® Network platforms.