Crazy Lunch Application

Sigma Team (Freeware)

Developed by Sigma Team, Crazy Lunch Application is an arcade game that requires players to get rid of little monster-like creatures that steal their lunch from their desk. The game has three playing modes to choose from.

• Creature capture – in this game mode, the player must be quick to click on a monster in order to stop it from moving to steal the player’s lunch on the table. A monster may come in individually at first, until they start to multiply and come on the table in waves. Players must click on each monster in order to make it disappear. Players are provided with weapons and power-ups to help them stop the little monsters from advancing.

• Visual memory game – in this mode, players are given a card game in which they flip different cards over and memorize what each creature is hiding behind its back. Players must make card matches until all of the cards are collected, and they can have their lunch back.

• Typing challenge – in this mode, players must quickly type the word or phrase that the creatures are thinking of so they can be stopped.

Crazy Lunch develops memory, mouse, and typing skills, and is an ideal game for children who are just learning to use the computer, but it may also be played by users of all ages.