Crazy Frog PC.

Neko Entertainment. (Proprietary)

Crazy Frog Racer allows the user to take control of the Crazy Frog or eight other characters and race underground and through cities. The user can attack their opponents with power-ups found along the race or use super boosts to increase speed.  The game allows up to two users to play at the same time.

In the game, the user can select Crazy Frog or any of the other characters to use in the race. Each of the characters has its own vehicle, except for Crazy Frog who has no vehicle and races around looking like he is aboard an invisible vehicle. There are Cup races with twelve tracks each to compete in single-player mode or two-player mode. Tracks include dirt roads, underground courses, and city circuits. While racing, the user can catch power-ups such as guns, cannons, and mines. Super Boosts can be found along the tracks to increase speed for a limited time.

In single-player mode, the user has a speedometer on the lower right corner, a map on the middle right and a lap indicator on the top right. On the left top corner is the user’s current standing in the race. At the left of the screen are icons depicting available weapons to use on the player’s opponents. The user’s character is placed in the bottom middle portion of the screen.