Crazy Chicken Invasion

Focus Multimedia Ltd (Freeware)

Crazy Chicken Invasion is a modern arcade action/adventure that uses classic shooter mechanics. It has cartoon-inspired graphics and a moderate difficulty level for gameplay. It also has mini-games and puzzles. In this game, alien chicken creatures in strange spacecrafts are on a rampage and only the skillful marksmanship of the player can stop them.
The onset of an alien invasion ushers the player into the game’s storyline. The skies are filled with incoming evil forces, with the destruction of planet Earth on the horizon. No one can escape the hordes of flying saucers driven by alien chicken invaders from another galaxy. Earth’s only hope is a great hero who is willing to step up and fight the invasion before the entire planet is taken over by these fowl beings.
Crazy Chicken Invasion features the abovementioned aspects. In addition:
• players are treated to an immersive 3D environment
• there are hidden puzzles and bonuses
• a wide variety of weapons and ammo are available
• player can collect hundreds of bonus points
• the game includes an additional “hidden” level

The player can shoot as many crazy birds as he sees in his crosshairs. The eagle-eyed sharpshooter will be rewarded with extra points that then permit access to bonus game levels and give the player opportunity to rise in the online leaderboards with the best shooters.