Crazy Chicken Atlantis

phenomedia (Proprietary)

Crazy Chicken Atlantis is a game set in the lost Kingdom of Atlantis. All the intrigue and mystery that surrounds this legend are captured in this exciting and engaging computer game. This game offers visually compelling 3D graphics and an addictive game play which effectively put players in the mood to discover the reason behind the disappearance of this long lost kingdom. Nevertheless, the players of Crazy Chicken Atlantis should remain focused on taking home the ultimate prize—finding buried treasure, while battling formidable opponents.

In this game, the hero and intrepid feathered adventurer embarks on a new challenge to help the citizens of the lost city and protect it and them from nefarious villains. Players of this game can look forward to fighting off octopuses and mummies. Players also have battle guards and monks. The mystery of Atlantis is effectively presented in Crazy Chicken Atlantis with stunning audiovisual effects.

This game presents challenges on the surface of the water as well as under the sea. There are more than 30 game levels in the game, including new ones that occur underwater. Bonus points can be collected by avid players as well. Crazy Chicken Atlantis is developed and published by Phenomedia. The game may be downloaded for free from the Internet.