Crazy Browser 3.10 (Freeware)

Crazy Browser is a web browser application used for surfing the Internet which was developed by It is based on Microsoft Internet Explorer. The program provides all the common features available in most web browsers. It features Tabbed Browsing, which allows users to open several websites and windows within a single browser. This web browser also offers built-in smart pop-up and ad blockers for security purposes. When these features are enabled, the program prevents all pop-up windows and ads from appearing on your browser.

Other main featured offered by Crazy Browser include:

• Plug-ins – The program enables users to install plug-ins. These plug-ins expand the functionality of the browser. There are three plug-ins supported by the program. These are Scripts, COM Objects, and Executable Files.
• Customizable Mouse Navigation – Using this feature, users can control the browser in a faster way. Customizing the mouse gestures provides users with instant access to the program’s common functionalities.
• Flash Disabling – The program offers a plug-in for automatically disabling Flash in either the current browser tab or entire tabs.
• Configuration Settings – Crazy Browser provides numerous configuration options that allow users to customize the browser according to preference. Some of the available settings include history eraser, tabs behavior, content filter, confirmations, and more.
• Tabs Grouping – This web browser also offers a feature called Groups. This feature allows users to create a group of websites that can be opened on various tabs automatically with just a single click.