Crawler Toolbar (Freeware)

Crawler Toolbar is an extension program for Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. This program is a browser helper that enables users to search for websites without having to visit a search engine. Crawler Toolbar speeds up the users downloads, and quick fill in of Web forms. This program also provides news feed from sites such as CNN and Yahoo, updated weather forecasts, traffic news, and entertainment news. This program also provides users with an additional 5 gigabytes of free web mail space as well as a feature called Challenge Response filter, which prevents spam e-mails from reaching the user’s inbox. In addition to these, Crawler Toolbar allows users to download screensavers, wallpapers, browser skins, cursors, video games, and may other free services. This program also provides users with an email notification for new improvements and security updates.

Crawler Toolbar appears as a simple toolbar on the upper portion of a user’s Web browser located below the address bar. The toolbar provides a search bar where users can type in keywords for their searches. Aside from the search bar, Crawler Toolbar also displays icons with drop down features. Users can configure the toolbar’s settings or hide the toolbar completely using the browser options menu.