Craving Explorer

tuck (Bundled)

Craving Explorer is a download manager developed by Tuck. The program is actually a web browser that specializes in downloading video files from supported video sharing websites. Aside from downloading videos, it also offers utilities for converting downloaded files into different formats. Users can play downloaded files using the Craving Explorer Cache feature. It also offers a Search function that allows searching of videos from over 100 supported websites simultaneously. There is also the Embedded Download Link feature, which enables viewing of videos and adding of download links by automatically changing the website. Adding more features by Script is also possible, which allows users to operate the program using an external application.

The program also features a Favorite List, where users can add or delete websites anytime. Customizing the download folder for the audio and video files is also possible. There is also an option to enable auto login whenever the program is launched. Users may also choose to save videos in “high quality”, “always play in high quality” and “separate download links by quality for YouTube”. The program can also be customized with its preinstalled skins and font size. Configuring the settings for YouTube, Download, Conversion, Save/Conversion Menu, Notification, Cache, Navigation bar, Mouse Gesture, Browser and Save can be done at the program’s Options Window.