Crash Time III

Synetic Games (Proprietary)

Crash Time III is a computer video game adapted from a television series entitled "Alarm Fur Cobra." In this game, Ben Jager and Semir Gerkhan are tasked to infiltrate a terrorist group operating in the city. The vehicles in this game, which are used in racing, resemble real cars. The cars in the game normally come in three types. The third car type is the high-performance version of the stock original, and the second a modified mid-range racer. Seventy missions throughout the story happen in the in-game city, which resembles Berlin. Players can choose up to forty-seven cars. Many cars cannot be used at the start of the game. The player has to go on the missions to unlock them one by one.

Crash Time III is primarily a racing game. In this type of video game, the player must achieve objectives without violating the law. When missions are completed, the game rates the player with a five-star system. Every time the player errs - such as when a non-player character is killed in the process of accomplishing tasks -  he loses a star in the final rating. The usual opponents in this game are the suspects. Using a vehicle, the player can either pursue (chase the suspect), shadow (investigate the suspect while following him), or race (reach the suspect's destination before he does).