Crash Car Racer

Maximum Family Games (Proprietary)

Crash Car Racer is wrecking car racing game that can be played in solo or multiplayer mode. The game was developed by Maximum Family Games. The racing game basically evolves in bumping, smashing, and destroying car opponents on the race track. The more the user crashes into the opponent’s racing car the more points he or she can earn.

There are also different obstacles that have been set up in the game. Road hazards such as road dust and humps, crossovers, and opposing traffic are some of it. While running the game, users can also change the camera settings according to their preference. This game has a variety of racing maps or tracks to be played, such as Winter Slopes, the Stadium, Old Mine, National Parks, Chemical Plant, and more. In playing the game, users must be aware of the following:

• Drifting – controlling the car's movement to turn without hitting the corners.
• Track information – racers must know exactly the layout of the race tracks so they can take advantage of these and be aware of the obstacles.
• Car handling – players can make use of the same tricks in drifting, but it focuses more on using or knowing the car’s potential moves.

Aside from crashing into, hitting, or smashing cars, players must also make sure to finish laps to win the race.