Elisée Maurer / Sparklin Labs (Shareware)

CraftStudio is a program that lets users create games in real-time online. The application is developed for users of all skill levels, and was built to be easy to use even for beginners without technical knowledge. Users can make games from scratch, as the program provides the essential building blocks and tools for every game element, from maps to models to scripting. A visual scripting feature enables users to make their own game rules even without having technical know-how. Advanced users who want added control over their game rules can make use of the application’s text-based Lua scripting. This application has a built-in revision system that lets users go back to a restore point and reinstate old versions of their game.

CraftStudio is also considered an educational program. As a tool for rapid prototyping, it teaches students to think in three-dimensional space. This program lets users create, animate, and paint 3D models such as objects and characters out of blocks. Users can also make infinite maps and paint these in whichever way they want. Creating a game is done in real-time, which means that users can work in partnership with other users online. Collaboration is done by setting up a server or joining an existing project. Users can choose to allow other users to join their project or keep it private.