Cradle of Persia

AWEM Studio (Shareware)

Awem Studio Cradle of Persia is a match-three puzzle video game set in ancient Persia. Players must create three or more tiles of the same kind to remove them from the game grid. This is done by dragging the mouth to a path where the tiles are the same. Eliminated files are replaced with new tiles. The goal for each level is to eliminate the marble tiles. Making matches of tiles gives the user resources, such as lumber and coins, to improve the Persian civilization. Some of the structures that can be bought with the resources are a village, city, ship, and a spring. There is a timer on the right side of the game grid and users must eliminate all marble tiles before time runs out.

Cradle of Persia provides power-ups that are useful for finishing the levels. One of them is the dynamite power-up that explodes tiles the user chooses. The dynamite bar must be filled up in order to use the power-up. Other power-ups included in the game are magic wands, lightning bolts, and wild card treasures.

Cradle of Persia offers 25 structures to build in over a hundred levels. The game also features seven historical places in Persia.